Connecting through language

Many students in the US take at least one foreign language class during their high school careers. As with most things, some students hate their foreign language classes, some love them, and some could care less about them. I learned French in high school and actually really enjoyed it. The nerdy side of me enjoyed mastering various verb … More Connecting through language

Photo dump

One of the MEET instructors invited us to his home for homemade maklouba, which tasted absolutely incredible. We also enjoyed some knafeh and this other triangle dessert with custard inside. Another one of the MEET instructors then showed us around Bethlehem at night. We’ll probably try to visit the city again during the daytime so that we … More Photo dump

Photo dump

I’m too tired to write a cohesive blog post, so I’ll just share a few highlights from the past few days. During our visit to the Yad Vashem (Holocaust) Museum, I learned that even prior to the beginning of World War II, Jews were facing discrimination and terrible living conditions. In the Jewish ghettos, young … More Photo dump

Israel Museum Finds

The worst part about getting my phone stolen is being unable to share the photos that I took today during my walk through the Rehavia Park Valley of the Cross and at the Israel Museum. You’ll just have to accept the reproducible photos that I found online. I’ve actually never gone to a museum by … More Israel Museum Finds