Nazareth and Tel Aviv


One of my favorite parts about visiting the Church of the Annunciation was seeing all the depictions of Virgin Mary and Jesus from different countries. It’s interesting how Virgin Mary takes on the appearance of the people from each country.

Here are some other photos from our stay in Nazareth. The view from the MEET office in Nazareth is pretty spectacular.

Tel Aviv

When Shankha and I were boarding the train to Tel Aviv, I had my first “conversation” with someone in Hebrew! A woman just happened to say three words in Hebrew that I understood (excuse me, HaHagana, correct?), so I was able to respond “yes” in Hebrew 🙂 I was so proud of myself.

Our day trip to Tel Aviv covered a crafts market, the Carmel Market, sabich for lunch, biking along the Tel Aviv Beach, exploring Old Jaffa, eating Capitolina Ice Cream, meeting up with Shankha’s friend Ellie, and riding a sherut (shared taxi) back to Jerusalem. We covered a lot of ground and made it home alive (though Shankha insists that staying alive is too low of a bar).

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