Attention aux pickpockets

No, I did not photograph the anti-pickpocket graffiti. In fact, I am sorry to report that I will not be sharing any of the photos I took today. It’s a shame because there were some awesome photos in today’s batch.

Now, the reason why I won’t be sharing my photos is that I can’t. My phone was stolen as I was walking along Yafo Street. Some old man came up behind me and tried to sell me a string of postcards. He was getting all up in my personal space, but I thought it was just because he really wanted to sell me postcards. I insisted that I didn’t want to buy any, and eventually he let me leave. As I kept walking down the street, I started to feel a little bad for not purchasing postcards from him. That is until I reached the next intersection and realized that my phone was no longer in my jacket pocket. That man had managed to swipe my phone from my pocket when he was waving the string of postcards in my face.

I won’t bore you with the details of my frantically trying to locate my phone using Find My iPhone. Basically, I learned that my phone ultimately ended up in Anata (31.8080038, 35.2532785) before it was turned off. Fortunately, my boss Ted was kind enough to spend the afternoon going on a wild good chase with me that concluded with a visit to the Israeli Police Station to report the incident. At this point, I have already mentally held a funeral for my late phone, and this blog post is mostly for closure purposes.

I’ve only been here for a little more than a week, yet I’ve managed to get myself into some interesting situations (e.g. lost luggage at the airport and now a stolen phone). I guess this is how you grow as a person when you go abroad 😛

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